Episode 83: The Evil Within w/Brooks


Can we quit trying to name this holiday something catchy and fun, It’s flippin’ Devils Night at the witching hour and we’re talking about the supremely messed up “the Evil Within” A survival horror game by the legendary Shinji Mikami the father of Survival horror and “Resident Evil” does this game add to his staggering legacy or does it stumble and shuffle around like a zombie? find out right now on EXPERIENCE GRIND PODCAST! (c)

Episode 82: The Thing (2011)


For this episode of Schlocktober? Jock(Jams)tober? Sarlacctober? Kyle & Ryan handle another sequel to a movie from they discussed last year “The Thing (2011)” a movie that many criticize for its overuse of CGI and attempts to recapture the magic of a cinema masterpiece. The boys attempt to detach themselves from that classic film and look at the prequel with an objective eye and evaluate it on it’s merits. this is also the second episode recorded in the new Experience Grind HQ 3.0 so you should notice some sound improvements.

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Episode 81: An American Werewolf in Paris


It’s Shocktober! Rocktober? Jerktober? Kyle & Ryan have difficulties naming the month of October a catchy theme name, maybe there are some residual effects from #StonerMovieSeptember still hanging around? Anyways the boys get together in a new recording space to discuss the sequel to a Horror movie they discussed last October, the special effects masterpiece “An American Werewolf in London” Does this quintessential 90’s film hold up as the original it tries to emulate and pay homage to? Maybe. (pssssst! probably not)

CORRECTION!!! We state Tom Savini performed the special effects in “An American Werewolf in London” when it was actually Rick Baker a special effects pioneer we discussed and gave credit to in that episode and we got it wrong here, blame the booze.

The boys also discuss their first ethnic kiss and tongue kissing in general, and is it bestiality if you bang a dog while you’re transformed into a werewolf?

Episode 80: The Big Lebowski (#stonermovieseptember)


Kyle & Ryan Conclude their celebration of #stonermovieseptember with “The Big Lebowski” a movie that is discussed outside of Stoner movie circles as well as within. Do the boys try and break down what makes this film so beloved it led to the creations of Big Lebowski festivals and even a religion? Or do they just argue about who is the better character? You should watch and find out!

Episode 79″ Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny


Stoner Movie September continues to BLAZE on as Kyle & Ryan discuss the comedy rock opera “Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny” They discuss musical talent as well and make fun of each other like normal. They also talk about Religion which everyone wants to hear about.

Episode 78: Pineapple Express (Stoner Movie September)


#stonermovieseptember continues to roll on as Kyle & Ryan sit down to discuss a movie Kyle has hated since the one and only time he saw it “Pineapple Express” starring James Franco and Seth Rogen. They also talk about some other dumb stuff before it and Sound Engineer Andry quits the show for the second time in as many episodes.

Why don’t you share this episode wth your friends like a poorly rolled joint in high school?

Episode 77: Dazed and Confused (Stoner Movie September)

Hooooray! Stoner Movie September has arrived! We kick things off with a trip back to the 70’s with the 1993 film by Richard Linklater. Kyle & Ryan talk about what they were like in high school, what makes a good stoner movie, and just what it’s like to be big losers.

Episode 76: Plowgames Interview

Kyle & Ryan took a road trip this week to visit the studios of “Plowgames” to talk about their recently released WWII strategy card game “Last Front” they also discuss game design and the differences between designing for physical games compared to video games.

Follow Plowgames on Twitter: https://twitter.com/plowdigital?lang=en
Pick up a copy of “Last Front”: http://lastfrontgame.com/

Episode 75: Psychonauts (2005)

Kyle & Ryan sit down and have a chat about the 2005 action, platformer by Doublefine Games “Psychonauts”. They spend a lot of time talking about mental instability as well as trying to guess what the inside of the others head looks like on a daily basis.

Episode 74: What Dreams May Come (1998)


In this episode Kyle & Ryan tackle a request to talk about the 1998 drama “What dreams May Come” from good friend of the show (and known cheater) “Magic Micah”

This episode starts harsh and just get’s harsher as the boys really did not enjoy this movie in the slightest. They also talk about the afterlife and some dream directors for the project.

Episode 73: Overwatch


Kyle & Ryan are again joined by their good friend Alex to sit down and have a discussion about the Blizzard team based objective FPS “Overwatch” they ramble about their favorite characters, babysitting and why they think Overwatch is just so darn enjoyable!

Episode 72: Comic Con Breakdown(with a lil’ D23)


This week Kyle & Ryan are joined in the studio by their friend Alex and the three of them get into a discussion about all of the things that were announced so far at San Diego comic Con as well talk about a few of the the announcements from the Disney expo “D23”

Episode 71: 1/2 Year Critic Game Check In

Hey everyone! As some of you know Kyle & Ryan played a game between themselves and the fans at the beginning of this year to see who would be better at predicting the scores of games and movies that would release in 2017, this episode is a catch up of who is placed what so far as well as talking about some of those games and movies that did come out!

Episode 68: NieR Automata



Kyle and Ryan discuss the sequel to one of the weirdest strangest greatest games they’ve ever played: “Nier” Does the sequel stand up to the test, does it surpass the original? Let’s find out on this episode of “Experience Grind”!

Episode 67: E3 2017

Kyle & Ryan took time out of their super busy schedules this week to do the totally original breakdown of E3 2017 episode, nobody else has done one of these so you probably shouldn’t even search for other ones.

Episode 66: Lucky Number Slevin


Per the request of friend of the show Paul C. we have decided to talk about the movie “Lucky Number Slevin” Starring: Josh Hartnett, Bruce Willis, Lucy Liu, Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley and Stanley Tucci.

It’s a hard boiled crime, noir flick but is it worth a watch? Listen and find out!

Episode 65: Lollipop Chainsaw



Kyle & Ryan put on some short skirts, grab some pompoms and get down and dirty with the Suda 51 /James Gunn beat ’em up for the ages “Lollipop Chainsaw” they talk about a lot of things in this one music, lady parts, guy parts and zombies. this is a pretty good talk about slashers, combo system and things that are uniquely “Japanese”

Episode 64: Tommy Boy


Kyle & Ryan find it harder and harder to discuss comedy movies especially one so beloved as Tommy Boy but they sure give it the ol’ college try…just like Tommy did.

This episode was requested by our buddy Mitchell from “The Nerdy Thursday Podcast” we love those boys you should go check them out.

Episode 63: Catching up with Life of Lon and Dan


We drove back to see our friend Dan and check in about his development of his companies VR video game “Life of Lon” which will officially launch June 1st 2017!

We talk a lot about the state of VR today and the applications for where it’s going in the future this was a fun time like anytime we have Dan on he is such a treat and we really hope you guys enjoy this episode.

Episode 62: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


So of course Kyle and Ryan saw Guardians 2 on opening night and then they waited a week so everyone else could have a chance to watch it. They argue semantics in this episode can you believe it?