Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Kyle & Ryan sit down to continue their mission to talk about every Metal Gear game by talking about one of the side games in the series. They also talk about Other movies a lot as well as terrible music, you know the drill listen or you’re a dumb idiot.

Wings of Desire

Today the boys put on their art house film snob hats as they sit down to discuss the 1988 German film “Wings of Desire” with friend and first time guest Simon. This is Simon’s favorite movie and he has wanted to come on the show and talk about it since we’ve been doing this thing. We also get into the crazy busking/traveling journey Simon took around the US a few years ago, all in all a great episode with a  great dude, is the move great too? Listen and find out! Ya idiots.

Barry (HBO 2018)

On this episode Kyle & Ryan are delving deep into uncharted territory, for the first time in the shows history they devote an entire episode to a Television series, the 2018 Dark Comedy “Barry” starring Bill Hader as a jaded hitman looking for direction in his life. This episode takes some of the usual tangents you’re accustomed to but stays very much on the topic of the episode.

E3 2018

On this episode the dudes continue the yearly tradition of breaking down everything that caught their eye at E3 2018. This is a longer episode the normal because it’s chock full of content and information about a lot of new games that got announced this year, and some old favorites that just had more information released.

God of War (2018)

Hello friends, Romans, Greeks and Norse countrymen. Today we bring you an epic tale concerning a father and son on wacky cross country road trip. The dad is angry and full of angst and the son is a rough and tumble sweetheart (except for like a 30 minute section that is really  awkward). Follow along as we get into all of the high-jinks and crazy situation these two get into!

We also take more Patreon questions and talk about putting things into our butts.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

On this episode which is late due to Technical Difficulties, Kyle & Ryan site down and talk about a request from a Patreon donor and good friend of the show Shane. They also take time to answer some questions from other Patreon donors. Enjoy you moist mother lovers!


On this episode of Experience Grind Podcast Kyle & Ryan sit down to talk about a 3rd person FTP MOBA called “Smite” where you control different gods from different countries and religions.
They also talk about what they’re currently playing, Jamie Foxx as the new Spawn, Deaf Chicks and spend some time inventing some new characters for Smite. They also try a beer that was sent to them by a fan and thank the new Patreon donors. This episode is super dense and chock full of those tangents you love!

Back to the Future


Today (or is it last week?) we sit down and talk about “Back to the Future” and for this episode we are joined by a new guest our good friend Mitch from the “Nerdy Thursday” podcast came all the way from Massachusetts just to see us. We talk about a lot of things in this episode: Cats, accents, time travel and if BttF is as good as everyone says it is.


Yes Man

Today we said YES to a lot of things in trying to follow our spiritual guru in the church of Nihilism Jim Carrey. One of the things we said yes to was watching his 2008 RomCom “Yes Man” we are joined on this episode by the always lovely and pleasant Michelle who has accepted the position of “Experience Grinds Jim Carrey Correspondent” and who has loved this movie from the first time she saw it. We have a lot of fun talking about it and of course many other tangents so wont you be our Manic Pixie Dreamgirl and make our dreams come true by listening to this episode?


the boys do their absolute best to not wax philosophical but despite their best efforts this episode eventually winds up sounding like a Starbucks on a college campus. Join us as we discuss death, what’s after it, consciousness and dead babies in this episode also concerning the 2010 indie darling “Limbo”

Avengers Infinity War

I mean come on, did you really not see this episode coming from a mile away? Did it not trigger your Spidey Sense? It should’ve, so would you join us and our friend Brooks as we sit down and talk about the biggest movie of all time, a movie that is 10 years in the making! We also discuss what we would do with the ability to wipe people out of existence and politics! Are the two related? maybe listen and find out!

Super Mario 64

Hey all you beautiful jerks, come hang out with Kyle and Ryan as they take a trip back in time to Christmas morning 1997 and relive their fondest memories of the groundbreaking 3D platformer “Super Mario 64” there is also some discussion about being robbed while getting your oil changed and sex cults, should we join them? Find out that and so much more on this episode!

A Quiet Place


This week the dudes are joined by friend of the show Brooks to talk about movie Kyle has been excited for since the trailer released back in 2017. They also for some reason spend an amount of time discussing Olsen twins movies and completely unrelated to that trying to stay quiet while getting into the bone zone. Join for what is sure to be a not so quiet discussion on “A Quiet Place”

Rogue Legacy

Kyle & Ryan are back to happily discuss the 2013 indie game (wow that’s really the year this came out?) Rogue Legacy, they also of course go on many tangents and discussion threads about Weeabos and anime nerds and if Kyle is one. There is also discussion about how you need to purchase a T-Shirt from their store in order to save America

Episode 105: Top Gun

Kyle & Ryan are joined by one time guest of the show Casey to talk about possibly the most homosexual movie ever made “Top Gun” they all have a sit down and discuss things like shirtless volleyball, gratuitous shower scenes, 80’s war propaganda and of course men wanting some butts (#buttstuff) so come listen a while. This episode also has Kyle’s fiance talking about the dream she had concerning Kyle & Ryan in a compromising position, and the classifications of gay sex.

Episode 104: Annihilation

Today we are joined by the wife of Ryan the lovely Lady Laura as we all sit down and talk about the mind bending sci-fi epic that nobody saw “Annihilation” we also talk about things we have annihilated ourselves and spend a fair amount of time talking about the book the film is based on because Kyle and Laura are nerds who read books. We also give a shoutout to our newest Patreon supporters and discuss what upcoming things have us HARD. Join us won’t you on this weeks Experience Grind! (Not affiliated with Nerdy Thursday™)

Episode 103: Titans Souls

It’s the episode the universe didn’t want you to hear! Immediately after recording this episode Kyle knocked a beer over into his computer and shorted it out. thankfully many back up plans and fail-safes  are always in action and we were able to save edit and finally upload this episode so you jerks better listen and comment on it! Enjoy indie darling “Titan Souls”

Episode 102: Louisville Arcade Expo recap

This week Kyle and Ryan breakdown their wild weekend at the Louisville Arcade Expo a yearly pilgrimage to play arcade games and meet good friends they don’t get to see very often. this episode has lots of little snippets but the highlight is the step by step recap of Ryans blackout episode that he doesn’t remember. SO join us this week as we recap and bridge the gap!

Episode 101: Black Panther

We here at Experience Grind Podcast are all about pushing boundaries and going against the status quo, some would even say we have taken steps to “Bridge the Gap” if you will so we bravely bring you the episode you’ve been waiting for with baited breath “Two nerdy white guys drunkenly talk about Black Panther”
We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did watching it and recording it.

Also yes this is late it was supposed to come out on Friday but we forgot to upload it before we left on vacation to the Louisville Arcade Expo. Spoiler alert the next episode will be about Louisville Arcade Expo.

Episode 100: A Look Back

Today is a day that will live in historical records for eternity, Experience Grind has reached 100 episodes! (Although it’s actually episode 121…Holy Crap I just looked that up, that’s a lot)

Kyle & Ryan site down and take a moment to reflect on where the show has come from and where they want it to go. They tackle things like their favorite and least favorite episodes and dream together about who would be a dream guest. Also help us get one of them tweet at Kevin Smith and tell him you want to hear him on our show!

Last of course thank you to you guys that listen we still don’t know why you do but we appreciate that you do.

Cheers! to another 100 episodes!