Bonus Round: Navy Days (With Bruce!)

Ryans dad is back by popular request to talk about some stories in the Navy. If you liked him in our “O Brother Where Art Thou” episode you’ll love him here. want more Bruce? Let us know!


Theme Song for Bonus Round contains parts of: “Digital Driveshaft”  by csx42gaming

Episode 47: The Wizard with Tyler and Dave from TADPOG

For this episode we are joined by Tyler and Dave from the TADPOG podcast and we were supposed to talk about the 1989 Fred Savage movie “The Wizard” and we kind of do but a lot of this episode is just a ramble and random topics smashed together it was a lot of fun to record though and we hope you guys enjoy it we sure loved making it.

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It’s a new year for us so we have new title cards and some new designs in the works for the future!

Bonus Round: Kyle & Ryan make New Years Resolutions

The Bonus Round is back! It is the year of improvement (as you’ll soon discover) and Kyle & Ryan have decided to share their resolutions with you. This bonus round contains their general resolutions as well as a video game based resolution they have both resolved to conquer in the year 2017.

Theme Song for Bonus Round contains parts of: “Digital Driveshaft”  by csx42gaming

Episode 46: Rogue One


On this Episode we talk about Star Wars Rogue One and all the things it gets right and wrong (CGI *cough) and what we anticipate this means for the yearly movie releases going forward. We are joined by special guest Mr. Brooks who always offers a middle ground point in between Ryan and Kyle. We have taken care to make the first 15 minutes of this episode spoiler free in case you somehow haven’t seen Rogue One yet.

Side Quest: Alex Brown the Art of Comedy and Acting

We are joined again this week by returning guest & new friend of the show Alex Brown, to discuss his move to Chicago in pursuit of his dream to be a comedian/actor. We get into the aspects of chasing dreams, bombing in comedy and passing drug screens with other peoples piss. This was a really good and honest conversation that was a lot of fun to have, we hope you enjoy it and you should check out Alex on his Social Media accounts and give him a follow.

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Episode 45: Big Fish


In this episode we are joined by first time guest and friend to the show and background actor on an upcoming network television show Alex Brown! Alex sits down with Kyle and Ryan to discuss the 2003 Tim Burton film “Big Fish”. They wax philosophical about family relationships, love and tragedy and come to an agreement on the placement of this movie in the overall filmography of Tim Burton. Where do they place it? Did they cry watching it? Do they have strained relationships with their fathers? Listen or watch now and find out!


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Episode 44: O Brother Where Art Thou?




We are joined in this episode by Ryan’s dad who traveled all the way from North Carolina with his can of “Dapper Dan”™ just to talk with us about the Coen Brothers film “O Brother Where Art Thou?” from 2000. There are some great a funny stories in this episode we try and keep it focused on topic but Ryan’s dad has a way of steering a conversation away. It’s still a great fun listen and maybe you’ll hear a little of your own dad in here too.

Episode 43: Uncharted 4




Kyle and Ryan talk about the most modern game they have discussed on the show so far 2016m, Uncharted 4 starring the two titans of video game voice acting Troy Baker and Nolan North. Discussion centers around the Uncharted series as a whole and the impact of the Uncharted as a PlayStation exclusive title as well as the overall impact of Naughty Dog as a developer.

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Episode 42: Idiocracy (Election Day Special)


Well it is sadly the beginning of the end, everyone. Today is the eve of election day and in respect to the rotting corpse of democracy Kyle and Ryan discuss the 2006 Mike Judge film “Idiocracy” is it a crystal ball into the future of America like so many people insist? Join us for this discussion and find out.

Episode 41: Until Dawn (Halloween Special 4)


In this the final episode of our Halloween Special We talk about our play through of “Until Dawn” the PS4 horror game from 2015. We discuss overacting, bad acting, games, that don’t show tits and ancient Indian burial grounds.

We also discuss horror movie series we just can’t seem to get into for whatever reasons. but man do we shit all over this game. <SPOILERS!

Episode 40: The Thing (Halloween Special 3)


Kyle and Ryan are joined again by Brooks for Part 3 of the Halloween special where they discuss the 1982 horror film “The Thing” by John Carpenter and starring Kurt Russell which officially makes this a continuation of #Russellfest the greatest gaming and film montage in the history of man (and Egyptian Gods).


Episode 39: Resident Evil 4 (Halloween Special 2)


Join us for part 2 of our Halloween Special as we finally get back to a video game and attempt to talk about the 2005 stand out Resident Evil 4. We kind of talk about it but mostly ramble on about completely irrelevant things. We do talk at length about the good and bad of this game you know what maybe you should just come and listen.

Bonus Round: Favorite Snacks


This Bonus Round is all about our favorite snacks. We are joined again by recent guest Casey from our Half Baked episode and previous Bonus Round on Favorite Childhood Cartoons. Come on over open a bag of chips or heat up a cold piece of pizza and give a listen. Tell us your favorite snacks too, got a weird one we might even try it out on the air!

Episode 38: An American Werewolf in London (Halloween Special 1)



Do you see a bad moon arising and trouble on the way? If you do you’re probably being hunted down by a werewolf in the moors of London…or Paris.

This week we’re joined by friend and previous guest of the show Mr. Brooks and having a good ol’ fashioned discussion about the 1981 John Landis horror film “An American Werewolf in London”

We of course talk about special effects and the work of Rick Baker and if we feel this movie still hold up in this day and age, Join us for the first part of our Halloween special!

Bonus Round: Favorite Childhood Cartoons


For this Bonus Round we are joined again by Casey our guest from the Half Baked episode and we discuss our favorite cartoons from our childhoods (early-mid 90’s era) come give a listen and see if any of your favorites made our list, or did we forget a treasured series from decades past?


Episode 37: Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle (Stoner Movie September)


In this the final installment of our month long celebration of stoner movies called #StonerMovieSeptember we discuss “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle”. We start this episode off with our new Intro, Ryan eats his first Slider so we continue our pledge to not ape TADPOG style by eating on the microphones and we attempt to break this movie down on a philosophical level. So let NPH drive you over in your car, pack up the bowl and listen to this episode, it’s got more excitement than an Asian club meeting at Princton!


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Episode 36: Half Baked (Stoner Movie September)


For the second movie of #StonerMovieSeptember we talk about the gateway film of stoner movies “Half Baked” We’re joined on this episode by Casey who has always loved this movie and who also  has a magnificent beard. In tribute to our buddies at TADPOG and to the movie itself we all try an Abba Zabba bar for the first time. Come check it out! Abracadabra yo!








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Episode 35: Dude Where’s My Car (#StonerMovieSeptember)



It’s the first episode of #StonerMovieSeptember and we are kicking things off with a BANG! Kyle and Ryan discuss the 2000 movie “Dude Wheres My Car?” things get heated quickly and don’t ever really stop as they discuss the merits of a terrible movie and if it has any place in the universe or should it it be blasted from existence with “The Continuum Transfunctioner”?

Like most things stoner related it’s starts harsh but we have a feeling #StonerMovieSeptember will start to mellow out

Bonus Round: America’s Funniest Videos


Hello America! This is you! Join us this week as we discuss the various hosts from all the seasons of America’s Funniest Videos. We talk about watching it as a kid and the format itself which is being eclipsed by YouTube. Got a different opinion than us? Write us and let us know!

Side Quest: The DrunkCast

EG SQ-DrunkCast


In this episode we were supposed to talk about “Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic”. Instead we got really drunk and rambled about a lot of things and also had a penis and vagina drawing contest too, this is a weird and hopefully fun episode. Be sure to watch the YouTube video to see the drawings of penis and vagina.