Episode 67: E3 2017

Kyle & Ryan took time out of their super busy schedules this week to do the totally original breakdown of E3 2017 episode, nobody else has done one of these so you probably shouldn’t even search for other ones.

Episode 66: Lucky Number Slevin


Per the request of friend of the show Paul C. we have decided to talk about the movie “Lucky Number Slevin” Starring: Josh Hartnett, Bruce Willis, Lucy Liu, Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley and Stanley Tucci.

It’s a hard boiled crime, noir flick but is it worth a watch? Listen and find out!

Episode 65: Lollipop Chainsaw



Kyle & Ryan put on some short skirts, grab some pompoms and get down and dirty with the Suda 51 /James Gunn beat ’em up for the ages “Lollipop Chainsaw” they talk about a lot of things in this one music, lady parts, guy parts and zombies. this is a pretty good talk about slashers, combo system and things that are uniquely “Japanese”

Episode 64: Tommy Boy


Kyle & Ryan find it harder and harder to discuss comedy movies especially one so beloved as Tommy Boy but they sure give it the ol’ college try…just like Tommy did.

This episode was requested by our buddy Mitchell from “The Nerdy Thursday Podcast” we love those boys you should go check them out.

Episode 63: Catching up with Life of Lon and Dan


We drove back to see our friend Dan and check in about his development of his companies VR video game “Life of Lon” which will officially launch June 1st 2017!

We talk a lot about the state of VR today and the applications for where it’s going in the future this was a fun time like anytime we have Dan on he is such a treat and we really hope you guys enjoy this episode.

Episode 62: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


So of course Kyle and Ryan saw Guardians 2 on opening night and then they waited a week so everyone else could have a chance to watch it. They argue semantics in this episode can you believe it?

Episode 61: Memento (2000) with special guest Dan from Block Interval

We went to Chicago to see our friend Dan again and talk about Virtual Reality, while we were there we also talked about the film Memento from the year 2000 Directed by Christopher Nolan.


Episode 60 Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty


Continuing their sneaking mission of working through every Metal Gear Solid game Kyle and Ryan take part in a stealth/action based discussion on the massive and mind blowing sequel to Metal Gear Solid with Metal Gear Solid 2. How do they feel about Raiden and not playing as Snake? What are their thoughts on the boss fights? Find out this and so much more on this episode!

Episode 059: The Fast & The Furious

Episode 059 – The Fast & The Furious (2001)

This episode was supposed to be out last week, but we had a small hiccup during processing. So now you get it this week…just pretend you’re happy about it!

In this episode, we go back to 2001 to the start of the multi-billion dollar franchise that is The Fast & The Furious. We discuss its humble beginnings, family, Coronas, NOS, and the powerhouse acting force that is the Diesel! Michael Bay wishes he made these movies! Would they have been better if he had? Listen and find out!


Episode 57: Final Fantasy 15


Hi Everybody! Would you be shocked utterly SHOCKED to discover Kyle & Ryan don’t see eye to eye on a video game and therefore spend 1.5 hours arguing about it for your entertainment? No? Good because that’s totally what happens in this episode. Who is right and who is wrong? Only you can decide!

Episode 56.5 Pizza X An In-Depth Critique And Analysis Of A Local Pizzeria

In this episode Kyle & Ryan try out a new format of doing food reviews this is a pilot/trial episode to see if this is going to be a viable format going forward so please give us feedback and let us know what you think.

Episode 56: Spring Breakers (2012)



Kyle and Ryan spent their spring break getting drunk and stoned in Florida in 2012 so in celebration of that memory they discuss the documentary made about them while they were there.
For real though they have a good in depth discussion of the 2012 Film from Harmony Korine “Spring Breakers” Starring: James Franco, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens

Episode 55: The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past


Kyle and Ryan take time this week to discuss arguably one of the greatest video games ever made, BUT they don’t go the positive route they actually spend a big part of the episode discussing a lot of the flaws you only find as a bored person 20 years after the game came out.

They also talk about the new Zelda game Breath of the Wild. so get in here and open this treasure chest up (Insert Zelda item music)

Episode 54: Logan

Kyle and Ryan get together to discuss Hugh Jackmans final run as Wolverine, spoiler warning out front we do discuss all aspects of this film including the ending so maybe don’t listen if you haven’t watched it yet.

Episode 53: Titanfall 2


Kyle & Ryan are joined by their friend and first time guest Andy to talk about the FPS “Titanfall 2” they gush about movement mechanics, lightening fast game play and they’re favorite giant robots from other forms of media.

Episode 52: Valentines Day Special 2017


We did a special episode for Valentines this year, we had our wives on as guests as we watch the god awful Jessica Simpson movie “Private Valentine” but before we watch the movie Kyle and Ryan are joined by their spouses and play a modified version of the “Newlywed Game” and it’s hosted by sound engineer Andry who is making his vocal debut on the show.

In this movie Jessica Simpson plays an actress who’s life falls apart and she decides to join the Army in an act of rebellion. Will she learn or life lesson or two along the way? We find out in this episode. Andry’s wife Michelle also joins us in this episode we hope you enjoy it because our wives sure didn’t like making it.

Episode 51: Predictions 2017


In this final part of our wrap-up of 2016 Kyle & Ryan look into the future and attempt to make predictions on games and movies in the year 2017, they have also included some pretty hefty loser wagers into this challenge so listen and find out who will have to do what! Is it butt stuff? Probably.


Episode 50: Favorite TV Shows of 2016

Part 3 of our 4 part 2016 recap is a very Special Episode it’s our 50th release! In this installment we break from our regularly scheduled programming to discuss our favorite T.V shows from 2016, even though it was later determined Ryan’s #1 choice is actually from 2015 we’ll just give him an asterisk 😉

So come on get in here and listen to another list episode and if you don’t yet you should support us on Patreon to gain access to our exclusive “Drunkcast” episodes.

Episode 49: Favorite Games of 2016

In part 2 of this 4 part series Kyle & Ryan breakdown their favorite games of 2016 some of these should not be a surprise and there should be some hidden gems on here as well.

Episode 48 Favorite movies of 2016

In this first of a 4 part series Kyle and Ryan Discuss their favorite movies/films from the year of 2016, do they have any similar films? you’ll have to listen and find out!