Siren (2004)

On the final episode of Scaretober we are joined by Ben from the Street Pizza Podcast to talk about one of his favorite horror games of all time Siren. A super weird and VERY Japanese game released for the PS2 all the way back in 2004. It is a very different game that most people do not like. Do we? I dunno listen and find out jerk I’m not spoiling everything in the description.

Trick ‘R Treat

The boys sit down again with their good friend Brooks to talk about the 2007 Halloween anthology film “Trick ‘R Treat” as always with Brooks the discussion is hearty and full of humor and good cheer. Here!! Here!!!

Shadows of the Damned

On this Halloween episode the boys continue one of their many traditions and sit down to talk about a Shinji Mikami horror 3rd person shooter from the PS3 era called “Shadows of the Damned” his game are about 50/50 on the love hate scale with the boys so you’ll have to listen and find out what the boys think. They also spend some time waxing poetically about horror in general.

Go spook yourself!

House (1986)

The month long celebration of Halloween is upon us and as usual we invite our good friend Brooks onto the show to talk about some spooky stuffs. The boys talk about a haunted house movie from 1986 this week, a classic in B Movie circles that also happened to cause quite a bit of trauma to a young Kyle, which of course they argue about.