Episode 19: Diablo 2

EG019-Diablo II

In this episode things get heated! Super hot like the depths of Hell! Arguments break out early on because Kyle and Ryan are split on their appreciation of this game. We are also joined in the studio by our second guest host and frequent collaborator, Mr. Brooks, and it soon becomes a 2 on 1 with Ryan & Brooks telling Kyle all the reasons he is wrong. There is also a lot of discussion about the lore of the Diablo series and growing up with this game as opposed to  strictly consoles.


We are sponsored this week by the Slaughtered Calf Inn located in New Tristram. While you’re there, ┬ástop by the bar to grab a drink from our unofficial sponsor, Andre California Champagne: for when your throat is dry and hot as hell, cool off with a refreshing glass of Andre. #EpicWithAndre #CoolAsHell

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