Episode 3: Fifth favorite movies, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang & Pan’s Labyrinth

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So here is the first “official” episode based on our top five favorite movies (previously discussed). For this series we are starting at the bottom of our respective lists, so these are the fifth ranked movies from both of us. Ryan selected “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang” and Kyle selected “Pan’s Labyrinth”. We discuss both of these films in detail and try to explain what we liked and didn’t like, while trying to figure out why they made it to our list of favorites. It should be stated here as well: HEAVY SPOILERS! We also ramble about unrelated things (probably too much), which will most likely become a theme for this podcast. There is some bonus discussion about our favorite horror movies since Halloween is approaching.



Episode 2 The List – Part 2: The Movies

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Here is the continuation of episode one where we discuss our favorite movies and try in vain to form them into some sort of list. We also ramble on about each movie for a bit and try not to get too in depth, We do follow a couple of different tangents that don’t really have anything to do with the list; I’m not saying alcohol was a factor in that but I’m not saying it wasn’t either.

For the sake of suspense, it should be mentioned that the entire list of favorite movies is not represented here. Neither of us knew the other’s choices before this was recorded, so we want you to listen to the podcast and discover for yourself along with us!


On the next episode, we will start with discussing our #5 movie choices. Those will be relevant here, so take notes and pay attention!



Episode 1 – The List: Video Games

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Hello, internet people! I present to you Episode One, where we discuss our personal top 5 favorite video games and a lot of other unrelated things. We have a tendency to ramble and digress onto tangents sometimes, so stick around and after listening, reach out to us to let us know what games or movies you want us to experience.