Little Nemo The Dream Master (NES)

Kyle and Shaun continue with the trip to Nostalgia avenue and talk about another classic Capcom NES game, this one ties into next weeks episode when they’ll be talking about the movie this game is based on. See you in your dreams!

Lethal Weapon

For the final episode of Action Movie Month pt. Deux we start a new tradition since we watched all of the Die Hard movies and start with the OG buddy cop flick and of course we bring back our OG buddies, Michael and Ryan! Are we getting to old for this ish? Listen and found out!

This episode also has a very exciting announcement! To give you a hint and to quote Marshall Mathers: “Guess who’s back, back again…”

Hard Target ft. Phil

As is tradition, Shaun and Kyle spend the third week of Action Movie Month Part Deux wrapped in the firm embrace of Jean Claude Van Damme with their good buddy and JCVD aficionado Phil!

This episode clocks in at one minute longer than the runtime of the movie Hard Target so, you’re welcome?

Rumble in the Bronx

To officially kick off Action Movie Month Part Deux Kyle and Shaun settle in with a classic Jackie Chan kung-fu flick. They talk about Kyle becoming a pro rated golfer and if Shaun will actually watch the videos you send him.