The Witcher 3

This episode is almost 2 years in the making. We are joined by Laura as we discuss CD Project Red’s magnum opus The Witcher 3! There aren’t a lot of tangents in this episode but we talk about the Witcher 3 a lot! (I think…we got kinda hammered on Mead) We hope you enjoy this episode of the ramblin’ men, and woman.

Potpourri w/Ryan

We promise we’ll get back to specific episode content next week
(we were supposed to this week but it is explained at the start of this episode)
So join us as we spend a lot of time talking about British Television if that’s your bag and just a smidgen of time ranting about The Last Jedi.

Potpourri! w/Nathan

Ryans parents are in town for the Thanksgiving holiday and he was unavailable to record (that’s also why there is no title card this week) but friend of the show Nathan was kind enough to sit in for a potpourri episode.
Join them as they discuss incest porn, Hideo Kojima, and making documentaries to follow up the To Catch a Predator perverts.

24 Hour Charity Stream Recap (& Yahoo! Questions)

The boys sit down and recap the third annual 24 hour charity stream (for the kids!) They also talk about Wes Anderson and answer some Yahoo! Questions.

Drakenguard 3

Well would you look at that, two uber dorks talking about one of their favorite uber dork game directors again, that’s right the boys are gonna ramble about Yoko Taro for another hour so strap in!

They also bring back Yahoo! questions and give answers to things you never knew you wanted to know!

Resident Evil 2 Remake (RE2:Make)

Well it is sadly the final week of #Brookstober but we go out with the bang of police issued Beretta M92F, we sit down to talk about the recently released Resident Evil 2 Remake (That’s a whole lot of “R”s in a row)
It is a pretty great discussion and most of the episode is centered around that (and terrible neighborhood kids)

Poltergeist (1982)

Welcome to the third week of #Brookstober this week we return all the to 1982 to talk about the Steven Spielberg Tobe Hooper fright fest of “Poltergeist” the story of ghosts and scary dolls coming to haunt suburban middle class America!
While the episode is long there aren’t many tangents just lots and lots of film discussion (we’ll let you guess of that means the boys loved or hated it)

Mr. Brooks

Despite what the title might imply this is not an episode focused solely on an interview of our good friend Brooks but rather a review of the Kevin Costner thriller where Brooks got his nickname. So join us for this second week of #Brookstober as we discuss mediocre serial killers, mediocre standup comedians and Halloween candy.

Final Destination

For the first movie of the Halloween season (which gets a new permanent name this year) the boys are joined by long time guest and friend Mr. Brooks to talk about the supernatural thriller where Death himself concocts Rube Goldberg style traps to kill a group of teenagers.

How High (Stoner Movie September)

Well grab your roach clips cause we’re down to the end of “Stoner Movie September” but we’re still gonna get our monies worth out of it by talking about How High with our buddies from the digital Cartridge Podcast. We also talk about cutting your eyeball so be warned if you’re squemish!

Let’s Get Dirty!

Detroit Rock City

This week on Stoner Movie September is all about Rock and Roll as the boys sit down with their buddy James to talk everything KISS! That is pretty much the only topic on today episode and it takes up nearly 2 hours! We hope you’re in for a long haul but we think this one is a good one!

Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood.

Stoner Movie September continues to burn on as we hit week 2 and cover our second viewer request with the first ever Wayans Bros. parody “Don’t Be A Menace…” which if nothing else can be said IS a movie. How do the boys feel about this one? You’ll have to listen to them talk with their good friend Ben from the Street Pizza Podcast to find out!

Cheech & Chong’s Up In Smoke

Wake and Bake everybody!

Welcome to the return of Stoner Movie September! We start this year of with a big hit! (wink wink) and the first of our two viewer requests Cheech and Chong’s Up In Smoke quite possibly the grandfather of all Stoner Movies. We also have a guest lined up for every episode this month and first we are joined by Sound Engineer Andry!

Potpourri (Party of) 5

Despite the name of today’s episode we never discuss Party of 5 this episode was titled after it was recorded. We do however talk about our existences, the universe, Stoner Movie September and of course answer some more Yahoo! Questions.

GenCon recap 2019

If you thought Ryan would attend a 4 day convention all about board games and not talk about it, well, you’re pretty dumb. Kyle again did not attend the convention so they asked their good friend Blake to come on and talk about this years convention since it was his first time.

There is a lot of great conversation as well as Ryan dropping a lot of painful childhood memories so you know you don’t wanna miss this one!

Potpourri w/ Shaun from Nerdy Thursday

This week Ryan is out of town at a board game convention so Kyle sits down with his buddy Shaun from The Nerdy Thursday podcast to talk about whatever they want. They discuss a lot of live theater, what team of video game characters would be on their version of The Avengers and of course answer some Yahoo questions.

Be sure to tell Ryan how much you miss him and thanks again to Shaun for coming on.

Potpourri 4

You guys keep enjoying these potpourri episodes so we keep making them, this episode runs a wide range of topics and different tangents as well as more Yahoo! questions being answered by us!


In celebration of the boys getting 300 likes on Facebook they covered the Zack Snyder Gerard Butler action flick “300” a romanticized retelling of the famous battle between 300 Greek Spartans and the entire force of the Persian army. The boys have a lot of fun discussing this movie and also get into if they would have made it as a spartan (spoiler: they wouldn’t)

Potpourri 3: Smells of Disappointment

On this very patriotic episode the boys chat about aliens invading on the 4th of July, Will Smith, which president is the best lover and we take a US History quiz.
‘Merica, fudge yea.