Episode 72: Comic Con Breakdown(with a lil’ D23)


This week Kyle & Ryan are joined in the studio by their friend Alex and the three of them get into a discussion about all of the things that were announced so far at San Diego comic Con as well talk about a few of the the announcements from the Disney expo “D23”

Episode 71: 1/2 Year Critic Game Check In

Hey everyone! As some of you know Kyle & Ryan played a game between themselves and the fans at the beginning of this year to see who would be better at predicting the scores of games and movies that would release in 2017, this episode is a catch up of who is placed what so far as well as talking about some of those games and movies that did come out!

Episode 70: Spider-Man Homecoming

Kyle & Ryan sit down to talk about the recent Marvel release (Because of COURSE they did) Spider-Man Homecoming. Does it work? join us for a half spoiler free half not episode where we also get into our own high school dance situations.

Episode 69: Wrestlefest



Kyle & Ryan sit down to talk about Wrestling with their buddy and frequent guest of the show Brooks. Brooks is a lifetime fan of the art of Wrestling and we talked about his beginning interests and why he eventually decided to step into the ring himself and what drives him to continue doing so.
Also we have to point out that Brooks also gave us a crash course in wrestling, literally…he put us through a routine one afternoon and we highly encourage you to watch the video on our YouTube channel, it is quite humorous.