Mallrats! (ft. Dave from Caped Podcasters)

Kyle and Shaun sit around and do a whole bunch of nothing, so you know pretty typical Mallrat behavior. this time they’re also joined by their buddy Dave from The Caped Podcasters!

Overwatch 2 BETA Potpourri

Kyle and Shaun get back together to talk about a game you will be hearing a lot about in the future, Overwatch 2! This is also chock full of those potpourri tangents you know and love.

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Kyle and Shaun get together to talk about the end of the world! It’s everyone’s favorite topic as they delve into the nihilistic humor of Dr. Strangelove.

Destiny 2

Shaun recently got back into Destiny 2, one of Kyles favorite games so he had Brooks come by so they can try and catch Shaun up with everything he has missed. This is a dense episode so be forewarned.

Potpourri: Reloaded

If you ever wanted to listen to two men in their 30’s talk about underwear and holes in sock have shaun and Kyle got the episode for you!
Also in this episode watering your yard!

…we should’ve called this a “dadcast”

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

…and the even more curious case of 3 dudes that sit around talk about it and a whole range of other things. Kyle and Shaun are joined by their good buddy Mike to finally break ground on “Fudge it! It’s Fincher February!”