Episode 63: Catching up with Life of Lon and Dan


We drove back to see our friend Dan and check in about his development of his companies VR video game “Life of Lon” which will officially launch June 1st 2017!

We talk a lot about the state of VR today and the applications for where it’s going in the future this was a fun time like anytime we have Dan on he is such a treat and we really hope you guys enjoy this episode.

Episode 62: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


So of course Kyle and Ryan saw Guardians 2 on opening night and then they waited a week so everyone else could have a chance to watch it. They argue semantics in this episode can you believe it?

Episode 61: Memento (2000) with special guest Dan from Block Interval

We went to Chicago to see our friend Dan again and talk about Virtual Reality, while we were there we also talked about the film Memento from the year 2000 Directed by Christopher Nolan.


Episode 60 Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty


Continuing their sneaking mission of working through every Metal Gear Solid game Kyle and Ryan take part in a stealth/action based discussion on the massive and mind blowing sequel to Metal Gear Solid with Metal Gear Solid 2. How do they feel about Raiden and not playing as Snake? What are their thoughts on the boss fights? Find out this and so much more on this episode!