The Meg (Shark Week Celebration)

In celebration of Shark Week, Kyle and Shaun get together to talk a whole lot about sharks! Specifically BIG ONES! They also talk about Jason Statham’s abs, Zoo books and of course what their favorite shark is.


The boys sit down with their buddy Bryan Betz from “The Caped Podcasters” to discuss a movie with pound for pound the most body mass ever put to film Predator Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse Ventura, Carl Weathers and a whole buncha other buff dudes fighting a super buff alien in the jungles of South America.

Come hang out and enjoy the next installment of Action Movie December with us and go check out The Caped Podcasters and tell Bryan we said “Hi.”


It’s the second week of Stoner Movie September and not a creature is stirring, not even an Amsterdam sex club could keep us from talking about this movie Euro-Trip. Hang out with us as we are joined by our good buddy Drew!

Animal Talking #3

Kyle and Shaun are back with episode 3 of “Animal Talking” (If you need episode 2 go check on Nerdy Thursdays feed) They talk about nice touches they appreciate things they don’t like and give a run down of the Stalk Market and how it works.

The Lighthouse

As always the boys come together to get super pretentious about an art house flick, this one being the newest film from Robert Eggers director of “The VVitch”. The boys also spend a fair amount of time talking about the band Tool.

Episode 70: Spider-Man Homecoming

Kyle & Ryan sit down to talk about the recent Marvel release (Because of COURSE they did) Spider-Man Homecoming. Does it work? join us for a half spoiler free half not episode where we also get into our own high school dance situations.

Episode 69: Wrestlefest



Kyle & Ryan sit down to talk about Wrestling with their buddy and frequent guest of the show Brooks. Brooks is a lifetime fan of the art of Wrestling and we talked about his beginning interests and why he eventually decided to step into the ring himself and what drives him to continue doing so.
Also we have to point out that Brooks also gave us a crash course in wrestling, literally…he put us through a routine one afternoon and we highly encourage you to watch the video on our YouTube channel, it is quite humorous.

Episode 42: Idiocracy (Election Day Special)


Well it is sadly the beginning of the end, everyone. Today is the eve of election day and in respect to the rotting corpse of democracy Kyle and Ryan discuss the 2006 Mike Judge film “Idiocracy” is it a crystal ball into the future of America like so many people insist? Join us for this discussion and find out.

Episode 41: Until Dawn (Halloween Special 4)


In this the final episode of our Halloween Special We talk about our play through of “Until Dawn” the PS4 horror game from 2015. We discuss overacting, bad acting, games, that don’t show tits and ancient Indian burial grounds.

We also discuss horror movie series we just can’t seem to get into for whatever reasons. but man do we shit all over this game. <SPOILERS!

Episode 37: Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle (Stoner Movie September)


In this the final installment of our month long celebration of stoner movies called #StonerMovieSeptember we discuss “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle”. We start this episode off with our new Intro, Ryan eats his first Slider so we continue our pledge to not ape TADPOG style by eating on the microphones and we attempt to break this movie down on a philosophical level. So let NPH drive you over in your car, pack up the bowl and listen to this episode, it’s got more excitement than an Asian club meeting at Princton!


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Episode 36: Half Baked (Stoner Movie September)


For the second movie of #StonerMovieSeptember we talk about the gateway film of stoner movies “Half Baked” We’re joined on this episode by Casey who has always loved this movie and who also  has a magnificent beard. In tribute to our buddies at TADPOG and to the movie itself we all try an Abba Zabba bar for the first time. Come check it out! Abracadabra yo!








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Episode 35: Dude Where’s My Car (#StonerMovieSeptember)



It’s the first episode of #StonerMovieSeptember and we are kicking things off with a BANG! Kyle and Ryan discuss the 2000 movie “Dude Wheres My Car?” things get heated quickly and don’t ever really stop as they discuss the merits of a terrible movie and if it has any place in the universe or should it it be blasted from existence with “The Continuum Transfunctioner”?

Like most things stoner related it’s starts harsh but we have a feeling #StonerMovieSeptember will start to mellow out

Bonus Round: America’s Funniest Videos


Hello America! This is you! Join us this week as we discuss the various hosts from all the seasons of America’s Funniest Videos. We talk about watching it as a kid and the format itself which is being eclipsed by YouTube. Got a different opinion than us? Write us and let us know!

Side Quest: The DrunkCast

EG SQ-DrunkCast


In this episode we were supposed to talk about “Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic”. Instead we got really drunk and rambled about a lot of things and also had a penis and vagina drawing contest too, this is a weird and hopefully fun episode. Be sure to watch the YouTube video to see the drawings of penis and vagina.

Bonus Round: Kung Fury

Bonus Round - 004 Kung Fury

This Bonus round is focused on discussing the short film 80’s Kung Fu parody, “Kung Fury” this is a difficult episode solely because the movie is so condensed and we attempt to condense it down even further into 10 minutes or less! Come listen in and remember not to “Hassle the Hoff.”


Episode 34: Kung Fu Hustle



This episode is all about the 2004 comedy/action movie “Kung Fu Hustle” starring Steven Chow in front of and behind the camera. Since this is a Kung Fu movie we are joined again on this episode by Ryan’s lovely wife Laura, who shares her thoughts on this movie and the special place it has in the hearts of both her and Ryan.

Bonus Round: Vice Principals

Bonus Round - 003 Vice Principals

We’re talking about HBO’s “Vice Principals” starring Danny McBride & Walton Goggins, this week. We talk about some of the things we like or don’t like and try and help you make a decision on if you should watch it or not.


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