Episode 48 Favorite movies of 2016

In this first of a 4 part series Kyle and Ryan Discuss their favorite movies/films from the year of 2016, do they have any similar films? you’ll have to listen and find out!

Bonus Round: Navy Days (With Bruce!)

Ryans dad is back by popular request to talk about some stories in the Navy. If you liked him in our “O Brother Where Art Thou” episode you’ll love him here. want more Bruce? Let us know!


Theme Song for Bonus Round contains parts of: “Digital Driveshaft”  by csx42gaming

Episode 47: The Wizard with Tyler and Dave from TADPOG

For this episode we are joined by Tyler and Dave from the TADPOG podcast and we were supposed to talk about the 1989 Fred Savage movie “The Wizard” and we kind of do but a lot of this episode is just a ramble and random topics smashed together it was a lot of fun to record though and we hope you guys enjoy it we sure loved making it.

If you somehow haven’t yet go check out TADPOG on iTunes Stitcher soundcloud or at www.tadpog.com


It’s a new year for us so we have new title cards and some new designs in the works for the future!

Bonus Round: Kyle & Ryan make New Years Resolutions

The Bonus Round is back! It is the year of improvement (as you’ll soon discover) and Kyle & Ryan have decided to share their resolutions with you. This bonus round contains their general resolutions as well as a video game based resolution they have both resolved to conquer in the year 2017.

Theme Song for Bonus Round contains parts of: “Digital Driveshaft”  by csx42gaming

Episode 46: Rogue One


On this Episode we talk about Star Wars Rogue One and all the things it gets right and wrong (CGI *cough) and what we anticipate this means for the yearly movie releases going forward. We are joined by special guest Mr. Brooks who always offers a middle ground point in between Ryan and Kyle. We have taken care to make the first 15 minutes of this episode spoiler free in case you somehow haven’t seen Rogue One yet.