Episode 17: Final Fantasy VII



Join us as we take a journey through everything Final Fantasy VII. This is probably one of the most rambling episodes to date because honestly, what hasn’t been said about Final Fantasy VII at this point? It is one of the most popular games of all time, worldwide. We don’t really break down the story beat-by-beat, but more or less just discuss a lot of our favorite things about it and the entire Final Fantasy series as a whole. We also discuss what our favorite and least favorite characters from the series are and how eco-terrorism is a way to get your message across to the public (although not in a good way).


This week we are sponsored by 7th Heaven Bar and Restaurant, located in the Sector 7 slums of Midgar, which is also a great place to pick up a glass of our “Un-Official” sponsor, Andre California Champagne. We are also sponsored by Chocobo Farms premium chocobo meat and Shinra Power Electric Company.

Episode 16: Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind



Join us for this episode where we discuss Ryan’s #1 favorite movie of all time! We talk about quirky girls, artistic filmmakers, and the strains and struggles that go into any relationship. We also take a little stroll through our own memories and try to find out why this movie resonates so well with us.

As always, we are proudly and unofficially sponsored by Andre California Champagne: Keep 2016 heartbreak-free and keep it #EpicWithAndre. Sadness and Heartache also drive us and sponsor us to be better at loving ourselves.

Episode 15: Rock Band 3

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In this episode we talk about rhythm-based music games and whether or not they are still fun at this point in time during *CURRENT YEAR*! Do they hold up? Are they still enjoyable? All of these answers and more are inside this episode. We also talk a little bit about the Coen brothers and the new Cloverfield sequel that came out of left field: 10 Cloverfield Lane.

This week we are pleased to announce that we are taking part in the keep 2016 #EpicWithAndre campaign by Andre California Champagne! WE keep this show epic and you should, too!


We are also unofficially sponsored by Fender guitars and Vic Firth drumsticks.


Episode 14: Star Wars The Force Awakens Review



In this week’s episode we break new ground as we have our first guest on the show. Kyle’s good friend Nathan joins us to review Episode 7: The Force Awakens. Opening talk moves around from how Kyle and Nathan met to the racial implications of not including Ernie Hudson in the original Ghostbusters video games. We hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed talking about it. If you’re still reading this and you somehow haven’t seen The Force Awakens yet, what the hell are you doing?

This episode is sponsored by Andre California Champagne and Exhaust Ports R Us where you can find all the best exhaust ports the galaxy has to offer!