Episode 53: Titanfall 2


Kyle & Ryan are joined by their friend and first time guest Andy to talk about the FPS “Titanfall 2” they gush about movement mechanics, lightening fast game play and they’re favorite giant robots from other forms of media.

Episode 52: Valentines Day Special 2017


We did a special episode for Valentines this year, we had our wives on as guests as we watch the god awful Jessica Simpson movie “Private Valentine” but before we watch the movie Kyle and Ryan are joined by their spouses and play a modified version of the “Newlywed Game” and it’s hosted by sound engineer Andry who is making his vocal debut on the show.

In this movie Jessica Simpson plays an actress who’s life falls apart and she decides to join the Army in an act of rebellion. Will she learn or life lesson or two along the way? We find out in this episode. Andry’s wife Michelle also joins us in this episode we hope you enjoy it because our wives sure didn’t like making it.

Episode 51: Predictions 2017


In this final part of our wrap-up of 2016 Kyle & Ryan look into the future and attempt to make predictions on games and movies in the year 2017, they have also included some pretty hefty loser wagers into this challenge so listen and find out who will have to do what! Is it butt stuff? Probably.


Episode 50: Favorite TV Shows of 2016

Part 3 of our 4 part 2016 recap is a very Special Episode it’s our 50th release! In this installment we break from our regularly scheduled programming to discuss our favorite T.V shows from 2016, even though it was later determined Ryan’s #1 choice is actually from 2015 we’ll just give him an asterisk 😉

So come on get in here and listen to another list episode and if you don’t yet you should support us on Patreon to gain access to our exclusive “Drunkcast” episodes.

Episode 49: Favorite Games of 2016

In part 2 of this 4 part series Kyle & Ryan breakdown their favorite games of 2016 some of these should not be a surprise and there should be some hidden gems on here as well.