Episode 44: O Brother Where Art Thou?




We are joined in this episode by Ryan’s dad who traveled all the way from North Carolina with his can of “Dapper Dan”™ just to talk with us about the Coen Brothers film “O Brother Where Art Thou?” from 2000. There are some great a funny stories in this episode we try and keep it focused on topic but Ryan’s dad has a way of steering a conversation away. It’s still a great fun listen and maybe you’ll hear a little of your own dad in here too.

Episode 43: Uncharted 4




Kyle and Ryan talk about the most modern game they have discussed on the show so far 2016m, Uncharted 4 starring the two titans of video game voice acting Troy Baker and Nolan North. Discussion centers around the Uncharted series as a whole and the impact of the Uncharted as a PlayStation exclusive title as well as the overall impact of Naughty Dog as a developer.

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Episode 42: Idiocracy (Election Day Special)


Well it is sadly the beginning of the end, everyone. Today is the eve of election day and in respect to the rotting corpse of democracy Kyle and Ryan discuss the 2006 Mike Judge film “Idiocracy” is it a crystal ball into the future of America like so many people insist? Join us for this discussion and find out.