Back to the Future


Today (or is it last week?) we sit down and talk about “Back to the Future” and for this episode we are joined by a new guest our good friend Mitch from the “Nerdy Thursday” podcast came all the way from Massachusetts just to see us. We talk about a lot of things in this episode: Cats, accents, time travel and if BttF is as good as everyone says it is.


Yes Man

Today we said YES to a lot of things in trying to follow our spiritual guru in the church of Nihilism Jim Carrey. One of the things we said yes to was watching his 2008 RomCom “Yes Man” we are joined on this episode by the always lovely and pleasant Michelle who has accepted the position of “Experience Grinds Jim Carrey Correspondent” and who has loved this movie from the first time she saw it. We have a lot of fun talking about it and of course many other tangents so wont you be our Manic Pixie Dreamgirl and make our dreams come true by listening to this episode?


the boys do their absolute best to not wax philosophical but despite their best efforts this episode eventually winds up sounding like a Starbucks on a college campus. Join us as we discuss death, what’s after it, consciousness and dead babies in this episode also concerning the 2010 indie darling “Limbo”

Avengers Infinity War

I mean come on, did you really not see this episode coming from a mile away? Did it not trigger your Spidey Sense? It should’ve, so would you join us and our friend Brooks as we sit down and talk about the biggest movie of all time, a movie that is 10 years in the making! We also discuss what we would do with the ability to wipe people out of existence and politics! Are the two related? maybe listen and find out!