Best (and Worst) of 2022

Yea the title says “best of” and throughout the episode we talk about things we “loved” in 2022, big whoop! Wanna fight about it?
Kyle and Shaun get together to talk about all the things they loved in 2022!

Die Hard 5 (Action Movie December)

Dear listener, you know better than most that we’re big on tradition around here, so please match our level of happiness and excitement as we welcome back our good friends Michael and (former sexy grinder) Ryan as we watch the fifth and final Die Hard for Christmas!

Yippe Ki Yay everybody!

Escape from New York (Action Movie December)

Kyle and Shaun are joined by the other (better?) half of the Beer Me a Movie Podcast their buddy Bryan!
They get together to have a discussion on a movie full of tactical espionage action! ™

Commando (Action Movie December)

The boys kick of Action Movie December in style with the quintessential 80’s action movie “Commando” and have their buddy Dave join in on the fun. Check him out on the “Beer Me a Movie” podcast!