Episode 13: Punch Drunk Love


We have finally reached the first of the #1’s, with Kyle’s #1 favorite movie, “Punch Drunk Love”. In this episode we talk about first heartbreaks, the emotional effect of this movie, and why doesn’t Adam Sandler do more serious roles because he is great in this movie. Things also get a little heavy and a little emotional and maybe some tears are shed during this episode. Be sure to NOT miss this episode; it’s one of the most honest and open episodes to date.


We are sponsored as always by Andre California Champagne which will leave you with a “punch drunk” feeling and crisp clean refreshment.


(Side Quest) Best of 2015 Movies & Games




In this special Side Quest episode, Kyle and Ryan break down their favorite movies and games from 2015. These were all the ones that left a lasting impression on them and gave them something to enjoy or loathe in 2015. Did you see or play any of these last year?

Episode 12: Shadow of the Colossus


In this episode we discuss Kyle’s #2 ranked game and talk about all of the pros and cons within. Is this game art? Does it move you on an emotional level, or is it just an annoying falling down simulator? We break all of those questions down and more, all while rambling a bit about how we feel on life.



This episode is sponsored by hope, love, despair, and Tott’s  Champagne.


(Side Quest) Star Wars Episode 7: The Results of the Bet (SPOILERS AHOY!)



Not much to say about this episode. It contains the results of the wagers that were made during the hype episode. Be warned – it is full of spoilers!