In celebration of the boys getting 300 likes on Facebook they covered the Zack Snyder Gerard Butler action flick “300” a romanticized retelling of the famous battle between 300 Greek Spartans and the entire force of the Persian army. The boys have a lot of fun discussing this movie and also get into if they would have made it as a spartan (spoiler: they wouldn’t)

Potpourri 3: Smells of Disappointment

On this very patriotic episode the boys chat about aliens invading on the 4th of July, Will Smith, which president is the best lover and we take a US History quiz.
‘Merica, fudge yea.

Bone Tomahawk

Today we’re joined by our buddy Dave from TADPOG to take part in the #Russellfest film festival and talk about “Bone Tomahawk” a horror/western from 2015. Yea that’s right a horror western, sound intriguing? Come join join us as we talk all about the weird beauty that is this movie.