Potpourri 4

You guys keep enjoying these potpourri episodes so we keep making them, this episode runs a wide range of topics and different tangents as well as more Yahoo! questions being answered by us!


In celebration of the boys getting 300 likes on Facebook they covered the Zack Snyder Gerard Butler action flick “300” a romanticized retelling of the famous battle between 300 Greek Spartans and the entire force of the Persian army. The boys have a lot of fun discussing this movie and also get into if they would have made it as a spartan (spoiler: they wouldn’t)

Potpourri 3: Smells of Disappointment

On this very patriotic episode the boys chat about aliens invading on the 4th of July, Will Smith, which president is the best lover and we take a US History quiz.
‘Merica, fudge yea.

Bone Tomahawk

Today we’re joined by our buddy Dave from TADPOG to take part in the #Russellfest film festival and talk about “Bone Tomahawk” a horror/western from 2015. Yea that’s right a horror western, sound intriguing? Come join join us as we talk all about the weird beauty that is this movie.