On this episode the boys try something a little different, instead of focusing on a game or movie they sit down with their friend Shaun from “The Nerdy Thursday Podcast” and talk about monsters, beasts and all things that go bump in the night. All three have a fascination with Crypto creatures and decided to have an off the cuff discussion about them.

If you like this style of episode let us know and we’ll do more like this in the future.

Incredibles 2

On this episode the boys wax poetic about the long awaited sequel the Pixars Fantastic 4 masterpiece “The Incredibles” with the sequel “Incredibles 2” they talk about a lot of aspects of the movie and see if it holds up against the original. oh and of course there is talk of mom butt.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Kyle & Ryan sit down to continue their mission to talk about every Metal Gear game by talking about one of the side games in the series. They also talk about Other movies a lot as well as terrible music, you know the drill listen or you’re a dumb idiot.

Wings of Desire

Today the boys put on their art house film snob hats as they sit down to discuss the 1988 German film “Wings of Desire” with friend and first time guest Simon. This is Simon’s favorite movie and he has wanted to come on the show and talk about it since we’ve been doing this thing. We also get into the crazy busking/traveling journey Simon took around the US a few years ago, all in all a great episode with a  great dude, is the move great too? Listen and find out! Ya idiots.