Super Mario 64

Hey all you beautiful jerks, come hang out with Kyle and Ryan as they take a trip back in time to Christmas morning 1997 and relive their fondest memories of the groundbreaking 3D platformer “Super Mario 64” there is also some discussion about being robbed while getting your oil changed and sex cults, should we join them? Find out that and so much more on this episode!

A Quiet Place


This week the dudes are joined by friend of the show Brooks to talk about movie Kyle has been excited for since the trailer released back in 2017. They also for some reason spend an amount of time discussing Olsen twins movies and completely unrelated to that trying to stay quiet while getting into the bone zone. Join for what is sure to be a not so quiet discussion on “A Quiet Place”

Rogue Legacy

Kyle & Ryan are back to happily discuss the 2013 indie game (wow that’s really the year this came out?) Rogue Legacy, they also of course go on many tangents and discussion threads about Weeabos and anime nerds and if Kyle is one. There is also discussion about how you need to purchase a T-Shirt from their store in order to save America¬†