Episode 21: Resident Evil RE:Make



Welcome to Episode 21 where we discuss the father of all survival horror games: Resident Evil. This week just so happens to also be the 20th anniversary of Resident Evil, but I know you will believe me when I say we didn’t plan it that way. Join us as we discuss all things in the first game. Why do healing herbs suddenly become medicinal marijuana when you combine two or more of them? Why does the T-Virus turn people into zombies but every other animal just become bigger? Why does an advanced research facility have such a convoluted security system?


Join us to find out!

Episode 20: The Artist

EG020-The Artist


Episode 20 is here and it is another personal milestone for us! We are officially continuing to just chug away and have no interest in stopping so I hope you don’t hate our show ’cause we staying strong. In this episode we discuss the amazing film that is, in itself, a tribute/love letter to silent films of the 1920-30s. It features fantastic acting and great mime work as well as the fact that it seems to just have a lot of heart. Join us to hear our thoughts on this wonderful movie. (<Spoiler: we liked it)


We also spent a good chunk of this movie talking about the upcoming Marvel movie “Captain America: Civil War” and what the cinematic universe has in store. Ryan also takes a big dive down the rabbit hole of comics for a bit, too. All good discussions though, we promise.

Episode 19: Diablo 2

EG019-Diablo II

In this episode things get heated! Super hot like the depths of Hell! Arguments break out early on because Kyle and Ryan are split on their appreciation of this game. We are also joined in the studio by our second guest host and frequent collaborator, Mr. Brooks, and it soon becomes a 2 on 1 with Ryan & Brooks telling Kyle all the reasons he is wrong. There is also a lot of discussion about the lore of the Diablo series and growing up with this game as opposed to  strictly consoles.


We are sponsored this week by the Slaughtered Calf Inn located in New Tristram. While you’re there, ┬ástop by the bar to grab a drink from our unofficial sponsor, Andre California Champagne: for when your throat is dry and hot as hell, cool off with a refreshing glass of Andre. #EpicWithAndre #CoolAsHell

Episode 18: Dogma



Greetings everyone and welcome to this week’s episode where we discuss the finer (and not so finer) points of Kevin Smith’s 4th film “Dogma”. When do dick/fart jokes have merit? Do they ever? We talk about all of those things as well as make our Oscar predictions, with winner getting to choose an upcoming movie.

As always, we are unofficially sponsored by Andre California Champagne, who in this week’s episode is the basis of a convoluted crime caper involving the Catholic Church and encouraging parishioners to get crunk during Sunday Mass.


We are also sponsored by Mooby Burger: get your Mooby on.