Holiday Drunkcast

On this special episode the boys are joined by Sound engineer Andry to drink eggnog and be merry. this episode is usually a patreon exclusive but they boys wanted to give a special treat to everyone!

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Die Hard

Welcome to the party pals! After a few years of debate the boys have decided to solve all the world problems and take it upon themselves to answer the few years old question: ‘Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?’ they are joined on this special Christmas Eve episode by first time guest Michael, so why don’t you come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…

Sin City

Today the boys take a trip down to the city, no not Paradise but Sin City (strangely this movie is NOT about Vegas)
They talk about the 2005 anthology film directed by Robert Rodriguez and all the things contained within it. 

This episode was a patrteon request but in the episode we misattributed it  too our friend Bubba Drewski when it was actually a request for Zachary Scmachery. 

Pootie Tang

Today’s episode is an experiment of sorts because it was actually recorded in two different segments at two different points in time. The boys are also joined by good friend of the show Simon who is back to talk about it this movie as it was his request and to just be his lovable self. This is a pretty focused episode all around and next week should be back to your normal episode layout style.