The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot

Kyle and Shaun take a trip back to WWII and then take a camping trip to the Canadian wilderness in search of Bigfoot. Never heard of this movie, that’s cool because neither have we!

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie’s Island Adventure

Kyle and Shaun talk about a terrible movie, which usually makes for a good episode, listen to find out if that is still true. They also talk about Jerk kids from grade school.

The Transporter

Kyle and Shaun wanted to keep the good Statham vibes flowing so they discuss the first Transporter flick.

(*Note from Kyle: There is a totally awesome fight scene in an oil slick in this movie and Jason Statham wears bicycle pedals and it totally rules.)

Tango and Cash

Kyle and Shaun debate if they are currently living inside of a buddy cop movie and also talk about the 1989 action masterpiece starring Kurt Russel and Stallone.
happy observation of #Russelfest

Sudden Death (ft. JCVD Expert, Phil)

It’s the second week of Action Movie December and tradition abounds! Shaun and Kyle are again joined by their buddy Phil to talk about a Jean Claude Van Damme flick, in this one JCVD must save the stadium that is hosting the Stanley Cup Playoffs from terrorists. Not making that up.

tales from the hood

For the third week of Brookstober the boys talk about a 1995 classic? Tales From the Hood is an anthology series of horror shorts. Do they hold up today? Listen and find out.