Resident Evil 2 Remake (RE2:Make)

Well it is sadly the final week of #Brookstober but we go out with the bang of police issued Beretta M92F, we sit down to talk about the recently released Resident Evil 2 Remake (That’s a whole lot of “R”s in a row)
It is a pretty great discussion and most of the episode is centered around that (and terrible neighborhood kids)

Poltergeist (1982)

Welcome to the third week of #Brookstober this week we return all the to 1982 to talk about the Steven Spielberg Tobe Hooper fright fest of “Poltergeist” the story of ghosts and scary dolls coming to haunt suburban middle class America!
While the episode is long there aren’t many tangents just lots and lots of film discussion (we’ll let you guess of that means the boys loved or hated it)

Mr. Brooks

Despite what the title might imply this is not an episode focused solely on an interview of our good friend Brooks but rather a review of the Kevin Costner thriller where Brooks got his nickname. So join us for this second week of #Brookstober as we discuss mediocre serial killers, mediocre standup comedians and Halloween candy.

Final Destination

For the first movie of the Halloween season (which gets a new permanent name this year) the boys are joined by long time guest and friend Mr. Brooks to talk about the supernatural thriller where Death himself concocts Rube Goldberg style traps to kill a group of teenagers.