Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Today the gents sit down to have a dignified discussion concerning the Nintendo made puzzle game “Captain Toad Treasure Tracker”!

The beginning is also a refresher course in pop music from the early 90’s and yes the record we couldn’t remember the name of is “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness” tell me that isn’t the most emo record title ever.


In December of 2018 Netflix took a big gamble on one of their properties and released a choose your own adventure style movie experience set within their “Black Mirror” Universe. It was a pretty unique concept for a movie so the boys were pretty interested in doing an episode on it.

They are joined for this episode by their friend Tara who is legally defined as a “Black Mirror” Subject Matter Expert.

Pick your own adventure right now:

“Listen to this episode now!” or “Listen to this episode in 5 minutes.”

Top Games of 2018

We present the follow up to last weeks episode with our top games of 2018, not much else to say other than tell us what your top games of 2018 are!

Thanks again as well for listening it means the world to us, we look forward to 2019 with you.

Favorite Movies of 2018

Welcome to the New Year everyone! As is tradition the boys sit down and list their favorite movies of 2018.

(and take a moment to acknowledge the worst movies they saw this year as well)

For some reason these episodes are really popular so we keep making them.

You’ll also notice another tradition we have with a new year new logo, we’ve upgraded from the 80’s to the 90’s! Tell us what you think of it?!