Bone Tomahawk

Today we’re joined by our buddy Dave from TADPOG to take part in the #Russellfest film festival and talk about “Bone Tomahawk” a horror/western from 2015. Yea that’s right a horror western, sound intriguing? Come join join us as we talk all about the weird beauty that is this movie.

Potpourri 2: Electric Boogaloo

The boys are still getting things back in order after vacations and other life things intruding so they sit down again with they’re good buddy Casey to hash out another potpourri episode. we hope you enjoy!

The Hunger Games

This episode was a massive collaboration between us, Nerdy Thursday, Street Pizza and Digital Cartridge. They all come onto the show to discuss and take place in a version of The Hunger Games, a certain points through this episode two guests are selected at random to fight to the death! Just like your favorite melodramatic YA Novels!

Random Topics (Potpourri)

The boys prepare for Ryans upcoming vacation by not covering any specific topics and instead just covering whatever they want to. They also answer questions from the listeners and try and pin down exactly what potpourri is.

Tenchu: Stealth Assassins

The boys finish out the Month of May-sia in style by taking a killer ninja on a bloody assassination quest across ancient Japan. No, Not Sekiro we’re talking about the 1998 PS1 classic Tenchu!
The Boys talk about Weird ass music in games and if ninjas are still cool or not.

Battle Royale

The boys continue the month of Maysia with the grandfather of Fortnite, the ultra violent film from the late 2000’s “Battle Royale” a story of a 9th grade class randomly selected for an annual fight to death.
Come find out why this is one of Quentin Tarantinos favorite movies.

Yakuza 0

In this episode we continue our celebration of the month of Maysia with te Japanese 3rd person action adventure brawler Yakuza 0 a rip roaring brutal story set against the neon backdrop of Tokyo in 1988.

We are joined on this episode by our good buddy Paul Corn and we chat with him about anime, rhythm games and more!

Legend of the Drunken Master

The boys officially kick off the start of “Month of May-sia” with the legendary Jackie Chan kung-fu flick “Legend of the Drunken Master” They also ramble about taking karate and tae kwon do and being poor.

Avengers: Endgame

If you didn’t see this episode coming than you have worse foresight than Tony Stark under Scarlet Witches spell. Of course the boys sit down and discuss the impact of such a monumental movie like this. They are joined by long time guest Brooks who is back to finish the saga from Infinity War. Tell him Hi won’t ya?


Today the Kyle & Ryan are joined in the podcast booth by their friend Andy (not SoundEngineerAndry) to talk about the 1998 Crime Drama “Belly” starring Nas and DMX. This was a request of Andy and we had to have him on to explain why this movie. If you have never heard of it that isn’t surprising.

It was a fun chat and we hope you dig the ‘sode! *Throws up hang 10 sign*

Arrested Development (Season 1)

On this episode Kyle and Ryan are joined by their friend Casey to talk about Season 1 of Arrested Development. It’s a dense episode that is focused primarily on the subject a rarity for sure!

Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland

This episode is a trip down memory lane for a couple of sleepy boys. They talk about the ambition of this film and the casual introduction of Anime to a western audience. They also come up with a pitch idea for the sequel to Little Nemo.

It also just so happens to tie into the Retro Gaming Monthly club who are playing the NES adaptation for the month of April.

Bust-A-Move (Franchise)

This episode is ripe with discussions! The boys talk about Samurai Swords, Highlander the TV series, dance moves, busking for beer, reading books for free pizza, bleeding on yourself but not realizing it until you’re covered in blood and of course the “Bust-A-Move” franchise!

Come sit a while and listen won’t ya?

The Monster Squad

This episode is a Patreon request from our friend Ryan W. called “The Monster Squad” a 1987 Comedy/Horror flick with special effects by Stan Winston. The boys spend some time talking about some of their favorite monsters and reminiscing about their love for monsters.

Tekken Tag Tournament

The boys spend a lot of time talking about the Tekken series as a whole in this episode. They also take a popular segment from the drunkcasts and bring them to the intro of all new shows, check it out!

Road Trip

Today is a special early episode covering the 2000 comedy movie “Road Trip”. We’re covering this movie because we are taking a road trip to Louisville for the Louisville Arcade Expo so we thought it might be fitting to do a road trip on our road trip!


Parasite Eve

The boys take a trip back to the 1998 holiday season and revisit the PS1 classic RPG “Parasite Eve”. They also spend some time chatting about movie quotes and the tv show “Deal or No Deal”.
Let’s get mitochondrial and snuggle up together while talking about some genetic mutations.

The Bodyguard (Valentine’s Special)

On this special Valentine’s episode the boys continue the tradition of discussing a popstars movie, this year it is “The Bodyguard” starring Whitney Houston.

They also spend some time talking about the new Battle Royal title “Apex Legends”

Happy Valentine’s y’all, we love you to bits we wanna kiss you on the lips!

Nickelodeon 90’s Nostalgia

This week the boys get together and wax poetic about Nickelodeon in the 90’s a time when most would agree it was the peak of kids entertainment.

If you have a severe case of Arrested Development you should probably like this weeks episode.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Today the gents sit down to have a dignified discussion concerning the Nintendo made puzzle game “Captain Toad Treasure Tracker”!

The beginning is also a refresher course in pop music from the early 90’s and yes the record we couldn’t remember the name of is “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness” tell me that isn’t the most emo record title ever.