Norm Macdonald getting his own Netflix talkshow?

Rumors are coming out that Norm Macdonald is in talks to have his own talk show on Netflix similar to David Letterman and Chelsea Handler. I am very excited at this news as Norm has been one of my favorite comedians ever since I first saw him on  Weekend Update. I was a young boy but really enjoyed his dry, cutting humor. I remember my mother telling me when he was fired from SNL and how sad I was.

Norm eschews most normal interview trappings and tries to have an honest but humorous conversation with the people he interviews on his podcast “Norm Macdonald LIVE”. He peppers jokes in constantly while speaking and sometimes purposefully tries to trip up his guests.

Norm has been known as your favorite comedians favorite comedian but seems to have mostly flown under the radar from most main stream appreciations, the man has a wit that is cutting and an almost unrivaled understanding of timing watch for his example how he has fun on the Conan show and saves a pretty mediocre and boring interview.

I look very forward to this news and hope for my selfish sake it comes true.


The Witcher 3: GOTY edition release date announced!

witcher 3 GOTY
Game of the Year Edition includes the critically acclaimed base game, winner of over 250 GOTY awards and most lauded game of 2015 with over 800 awards in total, both expansion packs — Hearts of Stone & Blood and Wine — and every piece of downloadable content, as well as every update and improvement ever released.
The game will release on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation®4 on August 30th, 2016.
If you’ve sat out on this game until now it might be there perfect time to pick it up. Warning though it is in depth and sprawling!